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Software Outsourcing: C++ Resource Management System

    Date: 2011-01-21 16:26   Viewed:



This early January, RayooTech finished launching a new resource management system for an investment company. This company was using an old application created by File Maker Pro to manage their company’s resource and plan projects. Majority of the investment workers reflected that old application was confusing and not user friend.

RayooTech technicians collected preferences from the investment company workers, and designed a whole new management system in C++. The system is compatible with Windows and Macs Operating System. It had an email plug-in, export/import data manager, and a workflow process too.

The company and the workers were truly impressed by RayooTech team’s working style and ethic. “A well tailored management system can increase success of business projects. RayooTech team demonstrated advance knowledge in software programming field and showed great customer service support.” said President of the Investment Company.