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  • RayooTech has a history of more than 10 years in software outsourcing development industry. As the leading software outsourcing company in China, RayooTech provides offshore/onsite/onshore/near site software development services. Our dedicated software developers have greatly completed various projects of software/application development, web application development, mobile application development, database development and maintenance, software/application QA testing, mobile application testing, website development, etc. Our professionals have great knowledge of Java/J2EE, .Net, C/C++, PHP, ASP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, JSP, CMS, WordPress, Magento, Ajax, typo3, python, iPhone/Android/Symbian/Blackberry mobile application development and SQL.

Services Expertise
App company in Beijing, we offer application development, application maintenance, app enhancement, and other app related tech support services. Custom Software Development App development Beijing, cloud application development, saas application development, hire cloud app developers in Beijing, hire saas app developers in Beijing. Java/ J2EE Development
Looking for IT outsourcing company in Beijing, China? Offshore and nearshore software development services. Offshore Development Center App programming company Beijing, hire professional app programmer for custom app development in Beijing. C/C++ Development
Beijing app development, offering fixed price model, time and material model, ODC model. Web Application Development Hiring Beijing C# programmer, C sharp programming, junior c# programmer, medium level c# programmer, senior c# programmer. .NET Development
Mobile Application Development PHP Development
Database Development & Maintenance Perl Development
Software Testing Outsourcing Ruby on Rails Development
Lean Startup Outsourcing SharePoint Development
Industry Specific Software iPhone/Android Development



  • What is ODC?
    ODC (Offshore Development Center) is one of business modules in software outsourcing development field. Chinese IT outsourcing companies employ splendid software developers, QA testers, and team lead. Offshore development team aims at using professional knowledge and rich experience to develop what the clients want.

  • Benefits of ODC

    Increasing Productivity Cost Savings
    Be one of application development companies in china, our app developers have developed hundreds of apps for our global clients. Want to reduce software bugs? Need software testing outsourcing tester? Hire software testing outsourcing tester in China? Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Shortened project start-up Chinese web company in Beijing, we offer website development, web application development, cloud based app development, etc. Want to develop website or web application? Need web developer? Hire web developer in China? Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Lower operating cost
    App developers in China, we��ll be the great business partner if you need to hire Chinese app developers. We offer .net/ c# developers if you want to hire .net/ c# developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Shortened development cycle If you want to hire Chinese mobile application developers, please feel free to contact us. Our app developers have rich experience in mobile app development. We offer php developers if you want to hire php developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Lower management cost
    Why Software outsourcing in China? ��If you��re not thinking about china, then you��re already behind.�� �C Laura Dldlo, Analyst, The Yankee Group We offer java/j2ee developers if you want to hire java/j2ee developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. 16-hour or 24-hour development per day Price of website development in china is reasonable. We offer website development projects or hire web developers to join your team if you need. We offer c/c++ developers if you want to hire c/c++ developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Lower deliveries cost
    Mobile app development in china, we help our clients develop applications on any mobile devices, ios system: ipad, iphone, or android system. We offer asp/ asp.net developers if you want to hire asp/ asp.net developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Higher quality standards There are so many Chinese software company in many cities, such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Harbin, Chengdu,, Nanjing, Xi��an, Jinan, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nanchang, Changsha, Daqing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xiamen, Kunming, Jiangsu, Ningbo, etc. We offer perl developers if you want to hire perl developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Lower HR cost
    iphone application development China, hire Chinese iphone app developers, ipad app developers, ios developers. We offer ruby on rails/ ror developers if you want to hire ruby on rails/ ror developers in China. Do not hesitate to contact us for quotations. Creating more detailed documents  
    Software testing china, hire Chinese qa testers, we offer software testing outsourcing services: software, application, website, web application, mobile apps, and cloud based apps testing. Software companies in china: we have best software programming team, professional software programmers, full experienced project leads/ managers. Lower risks  

  • ODC Management

    + Establishing Phrase: making project plan that includes facilities and staffing.

    + Preparing Phrase: knowledge transfer, pilot project, and identifying responsibilities.

    + Operating Phrase: including workflow, quality control, training, communication, time difference, HR, security, and intellectual property (IP) management.

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  • Software as a Service (SaaS) is a different software delivery method, allowing users access to software and its functions remotely as a web-based service. SaaS has been a popular model among companies as it is charged based on monthly fee. RayooTech employs dedicated developers to develop world-class SaaS software/applications in a broad range of industries: Finance and Banking, Telecommunication, Logistics and Transportation, Aviation, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Healthcare, etc.

  • Benefits of SaaS Solutions:

  • + Affordable + Security
    + Quick to Deploy + Work Anywhere
    + Zero Infrastructure + High Adoption Rates
    + Seamless Upgrades + Long Term Customer Relationship
    + Guaranteed Levels of Service + Backups and Data Recovery all done

  • Our SaaS Services:

  • + Cloud/SaaS Software/Application Development
    + Cloud/SaaS Apps Development for Mobile Platform
    + Cloud/SaaS Apps Testing
    + Cloud/SaaS Apps Maintenance & Technical Supports

  • For more information, please contact us at info@unisoftchina.com or unisoft-china via Skype. We will reply you within one business day.

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  • Custom software development is to design and develop software for individual clients to fit their specific needs.

  • Custom Software VS Packaged Software

    Custom Software
    + Map client's unique business processes
    + With all features requested by client's business
    + 24/7 support available on the custom software training
    + No software license fee
    + Unlimited users.
    Packaged Software
    + May change client's business

    + Unnecessary features need paid for

    + Unable to utilize the software effectively

    + 24/7 support service may not available
    + Need software license fee

    + Limited number of current users


  • As one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in China, RayooTech provides results-focused and professional web development outsourcing services: CMS (Content Management System) development, social media website development, eCommerce web development, Web 2.0 development, web based application development, portal development, web maintenance and support, etc.

  • Web Development Technologies

    + CMS Development: Joomla, Typo3, Drupal, WordPress
    + Portal Development: SharePoint, LifeRay, Websphere, Weblogic
    + Web 2.0 Development: Blog, Wiki
    + Programming Languages: PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, Perl, Ajax, Ruby on Rails


  • + OS: iOS, Android, Windows
    + IDE: Adobe AIR, Marmalade, Android, Appcelerator, appMobi, Aqua, Basic4android, Bedrock, BlackBerry, Celsius, iOS SDK, Java Me, JMango, PhoneGap, Python, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phones...
    + Languages: Java, C/C++, C#, VB, Objective-C, Python, Pascal, JavaScript, ActionScript, HTML, CSS...

  • Many smart phone manufactures established their own mobile phone application web store:
    Java developer china, Java/J2EE development company, hire Chinese java developers, then we are the right company for you. Chinese software companies and industry have growth rapidly, and the software outsourcing industry is projected by Chinese government to grow to $60 billion by 2015. Apple Store from Apple
    Cloud application development company in china, we develop various cloud based application to meet our clients�� business needs. Best software development company in china, we help you set up ODC team or fixed material model projects by professional developers and project managers. Android Market from Google
    Hire cloud application developers in china, as one of leading cloud application development companies, we help you to set up development center in china. MM from China Mobile
    PHP programming in China, offshore PHP developers, PHP web development, PHP development project outsourcing, PHP development company. Saas software development china, we develop saas products/ application/ software for global clients. UniStore from China Unicom
    Asp.net web application framework development, Microsoft asp.net development, asp.net dynamic websites, asp.net web development, asp.net development in China. Need software developer in China? Hire software developer in China? Looking for Chinese software developer? Then feel free to contact us. Ovi Store from Nokia
    Web 2.0 development services include blog development, Wiki development, social network development, micro blog development. Professional web 2.0 development team. Need custom software developer in China? Hire custom software developer in China? Looking for Chinese custom software developer? Then feel free to contact us. BlackBerry App World from RIM (Research In Motion Limited) etc.

  • However, the mobile applications are usually developed to meet the requirements of the general public. RayooTech employs professional mobile application developers to design and develop customized mobile apps and mobile websites for a wide spectrum of businesses to meet different requirements of different clients.

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  • Software Testing Outsourcing Service

    As the leader in software testing in China, Beijing RayooTech provides thoughtful software testing outsourcing services including functional testing, regression testing, system testing, unit testing, performance testing, integration testing, etc. Software testers at RayooTech are equipped with great knowledge of software testing. Our software testing team works for providing professional software/application testing, web application testing and mobile application testing services, etc.

  • Software Testing Tools:

    WinRunner, Rational Robot, QuickTest Pro, Silk Test, QA, Run, Load Runner, QA Load, SilkPerformaner, Jmeter, Junit, Nunit, TestComplete and more.

  • Software Testing Processes:

    Agile, CMMI 5, Waterfall, and Extreme development process...

  • Quality Assurance Solutions:

    Our own set of assurance policy is flexible to work with any software testing outsourcing projects. Our professional software testing engineers will provide you with sound and feasible feedbacks and advices.

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  • Custom Software Outsourcing for Lean Startup Companies

  • RayooTech aims at drawing up an efficient software development offshore or outsourcing service plan based on the features of lean startup methodology for lean startup companies in the U.S.:

    + The software development can be flexible based on the original project plan
    + The development team adopts Agile development methodology, flexible, efficient, and more focus
    + High level development team composed of professional software engineers with less management
    + Our project experts participate in the requirement analysis and architecture establishing
    + The size of the project can be flexible (scaling up or scaling down) based on product schedule

  • Special Offer:

    + We charge 70% of the total cost ONLY when your startup company in the early stage and 100% of the total cost after half year.
    + We offer extra technical experts who provide IT consultancy services for free.
    + We will fully refund clients' payment if the product failed because of our project development.

  • Please feel free to contact us at info@unisoftchina.com for more details. We will reply you within one business day..

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  • Industry Specific Software
  • RayooTech employs experts who are experienced in industry specific software development and have great knowledge of different industries: Finance, Telecommunication, Government, Energy, Transport, Logistics, Aviation, and General Enterprise Software Development (including Open Source Software Development).

  • Benefit 1: Keep Pace With Your Competitors
  • Industry specific software not only get the solution that fits companies businesses needs out of the box, but also get functionalities that they did not even recognize they could have. It means that industry specific software helps you keep up with your competitors.

  • Benefit 2: Saved The Cost Of Development
  • Industry specific software costs only a fraction of developing software. A typical rule of thumb is that you are generally getting $100 worth of programming for every $1 you spend on an industry specific solution. It makes companies much easier to live with some lack of functionality that is not necessary for their business.

  • Benefit 3: Great Understanding Of Your Business Needs
  • A professional IT company which understands your business needs will provide you with unique and effective solutions and suggestions to enhance your business in specific industry.

  • Benefit 4: Fit Your Business Rather Than Readjust Your Business
  • Custom industry specific software is completely based on your requirements for your business. Our software development team has rich experience to develop the software for your business.

  • Benefit 5: Save Your Learning Time
  • To hire a software outsourcing company helps you save lots of time on learning software user guide and employee training.